Episode 49

Dietary Paradigms with Wade Lightheart

Published on: 13th September, 2023

In this episode, Teemu Arina sits down with expert nutritionist Wade Lightheart who, together with Matt Gallant, founded BIOptimizers and wrote The Ultimate Nutrition Bible. They discuss various approaches to discovering, analyzing and fine-tuning a person's individual optimal diet through testing and controlled experimentation.

Many currently established paradigms are based on misconceptions, assumptions, influencer-generated trends and, quite simply, the lack of proper data. As such, dietary choices are often based on generic cliché paths towards desired outcomes such as weight loss, when in fact there is no universally healthy diet especially in regard to maintaining a long healthspan. What works and is sustainable for one person may be harmful to another due to differences in genetics and gut health, which Wade illustrates by juxtaposing his own plant-based diet with Matt Gallant's ketogenic approach and providing various other examples as he explains his concept of the Pyramid of Nutritional Decisions.

Learn more about Wade, Matt and BiOptimizers at https://www.bioptimizers.com!

This presentation was recorded in November 2023.

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Key moments and takeaways:

00:00 Introduction by Teemu Arina

01:10 Wade Lightheart's journey

6:45 The Tribalistic Mosh Pit of Diets

8:10 Biohacker's Handbook and Quality of Ingredients

9:40 Dietary Paradigms as Monocultures

13:00 Limitations Imposed by Various Diets

17:55 Every Diet Change Works For A Limited Time

20:35 Testing, Goals and the Aspect of Longevity

24:55 You Are Your Own Best Nutrition Expert

26:10 Different Diet Goals by Age

26:50 Cultural and Societal Impositions on Dietary Restrictions

30:00 "Cheat Days" AKA re-feeding

33:00 Superfood and Upgraded Beverages

35:35 Nutrigenomics: Choosing Optimal Food Sources

36:55 Histamine vs. Mediterranean Diet

39:13 Foundational Aspect & Performance Aspect of Diets

40:15 Research Is Often Based on Incoherent Selection of Test Candidates

41:18 The Importance of Verifying Individual Genetic Food Requirements

43:43 Supplementing for Dietary Experimentation: Probiots, Gluten Guardian

46:05 The Story Behind BIOptimizers Kapex

47:08 The Biohacker Summit Gathers The World's Foremost Dietary Experts

48:54 How Gut Health Influences Cognitive Health

53:58 Civilization Has Become a Biological Stressor

54:53 Indigenous Tribes and Connection to Nature

57:16 Modern Culture Changed the Makeup of the Food We Eat; GMO

60:05 Maintaining Balance & Flexibility in Dietary Choices

62:28 There is no Silver Bullet, but Testing is Now Easily Accessible

64:48 Nutrition is Technology Interacting with Your Body's Technology

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